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    Activity details


    Contact information

    legal representative if minor participant

    ex: +41 79 123 45 67

    Participant's contact details

    same as contact details

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    (required for clinics where we practice falls)

    Emergency contact person in case of emergency during the activity


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    Climbing level and experience

    What grade does the participant regularly climb without falling:

    Does the participant lead climb?

    Has he been trained for lead climbing?

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    Health information

    Climbing is a physical, highly emotional, risky activity that can take place in a natural environment. In order to ensure the participant's safety as much as possible, we would like to ask you for information about his or her health.
    Important: this information will be treated confidentially.

    → Please indicate at least the health information that may have consequences during the activity.

    → Leave empty otherwise.

    Does the participant currently suffer - or has he/she suffered in the past - from one or more diseases (e.g. asthma, diabetes, epilepsy/convulsions, fungal infections, plantar warts, heart, lung or urinary disorders, hyperactivity, hemophilia, etc.)? If so, which one(s)?

    Does the participant have any allergies (animals, insects, plants, medicines, food, other substances, etc.)? If so, which one(s)?

    Does the participant take any medication during the activity? If so, which ones?

    [group group-multiday]

    Is the member on a diet or allergic to certain foods? If so, which ones?


    Do you have any other useful information to communicate (addictions, stress behaviour, hyperventilation, hyperventilation, disability, somnambulism, low vision, contact lenses or glasses, dental or acoustic apparatus, shoe shapes, bed-wetting, particular habits, comprehension problems, behaviour problems, etc.)?



    See the general conditions (automatic translation by google translate, the French version is authoritative).

    General conditions

    Repatriation insurance

    Cancellation insurance